Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

his name is Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and he was born in Holland on March 17 th, 1987. he started linedance in 1999, and 3 month later he tooks part in my first competition. he won the division newcomer youth, and so he started in novice, intermediate followed by advanced. he wons a lot of beautyfull awards, and won almost every championship you can imagine, from the Dutch youth and open till the European and even worlds.... 2005 was the year of his dreams, the year all his hard work paid off. That year he becames a Megastar in Swiss championships! This is the highest level you can reach in competitionwise. 2002 Roy Verdonk asked him to join his team, called the Roy Verdonk dancers, and with that team they also won all the competitions they entered, severall times worldchampions.... With this team they're traveling arround the world doing shows and they even danced a few times on Dutch television. he also started a group with his two best friends Pim van Grootel and Daniel Trepat den Turk, they called us "Dutch delight dancers". they did a lot of shows with that group too. Since 2009 he's got his own danceteam in Spain, "Estrellas Españolas" and whith their help he is going to try become the best team in the world! he becames a worldchampion with pro-am in 2007 dancing with Nisrine Sadqi. After winning this he started to dance as a pro heself and have a lot of students all over the world... he had choreographed a lot of dances so that he won a lot of titles like world champion choreography. Many of his dances are danced all over the whole world and are used for competition dances at the worldcdf and also ucwdc. As a dancetrainer he is out of the country almost every weekend, and during the week he gives lessons in holland (Linedance & Hip-Hop) As you can see he's done a lot in his life. his dream at this moment is to make his students come as far as he did in the world of dance....

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